Barbell Club at Georgia Tech



Georgia Tech Barbell Club Fall 2014 Budget 15J009 Joint Passed 2014-08-25
Georgia Tech Barbell Club Spring 2015 Budget 15J095 Joint Passed 2014-12-24
Georgia Tech Barbell Club Spring 2016 Expenses 16J131 Joint Passed 2016-01-18
Georgia Tech Barbell Club Fall Bill 17J014 Joint Passed 2016-08-31
Second Multidisciplinary Coach 17J087 Joint Passed 2016-11-01
GTBBC Gym Rental Fee Spring 2017 17J145 Joint Passed 2017-01-22
Barbell Club National Meet & Coaching Stipend 18J016 Joint Passed 2017-08-31
Georgia Tech Barbell Club Gym Rental Funding FY18 18J019 Joint Passed 2017-09-05
Georgia State Championships Meet Funding 18J118 Joint Passed 2017-10-31
USAPL Collegiate Nationals 18J229 Joint Tabled 2018-02-22
Barbell Coaching Bill 18J283 Joint Passed 2018-05-07
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